In Xanadu did Kublah Khan a stately pleasure dome decree

Written by My boys

Periodically, I task a boy to write for Me, sometimes erotica, sometimes a discourse on his thinking.  I'm consistently impressed with the quality My boys' work product and dear, good men that they are, they do pour their heart and soul into it for Me.  Here then is a reward for good effort:  an Audience greater than One.  The thing I like best in "Torn" is the great degree to which the boy's thoughts - particularly the feeling of confusion and conflicted desires - are presented.  Punishing someone is far less interesting to Me than how the boy receives the experience of punishment; that is where the deep connection happens.


"Torn", frederick thought.  That was the only word for it.  "Torn".  Torn in two utterly polar and opposite directions.  Two attitudes diametrically opposed.

On the one hand, frederick felt nothing but defiance.  Willful, almost adolescent defiance.  Like a teenage boy denied a popular party, or forced to rake up heavy leaves.  Standing in front of the office door at # 50 Professional Plaza, frederick's burning sense of defiance screamed within, "No!  I am not going to do it.  I do not have to be here.  She cannot make me do it!"

But no sooner was that thought fully formed and frederick was about to pull away from the door, when another, more powerful and completely overwhelming compulsion engulfed him.  "Dammit!", frederick thought, though he knew She would reprove his language, even in unspoken thought.  "Why, why why?  Why am I this way?  Why does She have so much power over me.  Even when I don't want to do something.  Why do I feel like I have to obey Her?"

But when frederick thought of Her...when he thought of his Miss...his earlier sense of defiance melted away without a trace.  The adolescent attitude disappeared completely, fully displaced by a deep and profound sense of submissive obedience.  Of compliance and resignation.  A warm and oddly comforting demeanor of utter acceptance of Feminine Authority dispelled frederick's earlier boyish fury.

Or did it?  That, apparently, was the question.  Because, as was stated, frederick felt truly torn.  Torn between obediently knocking on the door of the office in front of him.  Or, in defiance, turning and willfully walking away.  He could, after all.  He did not HAVE to be here.  He did not really even want to be here.  So why in the heck WAS he here, anyhow?  "I ought to leave, he thought.  I ought to just leave now...and maybe I will be able to explain later."

But just as frederick was thinking this mutinous thought and was about to turn away, the door opened smoothly in front of him. 

"Please come in, frederick", he heard.  The voice was smooth and cool, the articulation precise and free of emotion.  A calm, confident, cultured and feminine..yes, feminine voice.  Standing there utterly befuddled on the doorstep, frederick seemed as if struck dumb.  "I said, please come in, frederick.  I do not enjoy having to repeat myself."  Again, the voice was calm and free of emotion.  But the tone conveyed a light frost and an unmistakable sense of authority.

With all previous thoughts of revolt and escape having evaporated with the unexpected opening of the door, frederick's fleeting sense of masculine imperatives seemed irretrievably lost.  Quickly coming to his senses and somehow knowing intuitively that he did not want Madam Alice to have to repeat herself again, frederick stepped forward.  Little did he know then the manner in which his fate was sealed.

Out of the corner of his eye, frederick watched the door, marked Madam Alice Kane – Behavioral Therapist, close firmly behind him.  Without looking at him, Madam Alice, or he assumed it was Madam Alice as there was no receptionist or other person present, strode briskly towards an inner office door.  “Please come in, frederick.  We will get started right away.”

As he followed behind her, frederick felt his masculine arrogance beginning to grow within him once again.  Especially as he lasciviously noticed the fine shape of Madam Alice when viewed from behind.  Slender, lovely legs, confident and stylish high heels and very appealing rear view in her tight, professional skirt & blouse.  Thinking that he might be able to quickly get past the “professional” reason for his visit, frederick’s thoughts began to wander inappropriately.

He was very quickly snapped out of his little reverie, however, once Madam Alice directed him to have a seat.  She stepped confidently behind her desk, sat down and fixed frederick with an unflinching, somewhat bemused stare.  Taken aback both by the look, as well as by the four legged stool which was the only place left for him to sit, frederick rather awkwardly settled himself upon the hard wooden seat.

Suddenly, the assertiveness he had so briefly started to feel only moments ago, was once again vaporized by the unusual seating arrangement.  Sitting there on a hard stool, in the tastefully and professionally appointed office, frederick looked around uncomfortably.  Madam Alice, he noted, was a very attractive, very confident and obviously assertive and capable young lady.  Her professional elegance, her calm and composed demeanor and the psychological manipulation she so easily achieved with the crude wooden stool situated before her expansive and stylish desk, made frederick very apprehensive.  He was not even certain why.

Calmly appraising her new client, Madam Alice, for her part, seemed utterly content to simply let the awkward tension and discomfort elevate.  She gazed at frederick with cool calculation, saying nothing for several long minutes.

Finally, with slow and graceful motions, she opened her desk drawer and withdrew a single sheet of paper.  She laid it face down on the completely empty surface of the desk and situated it very neatly in front of her.

“Why are you here today, frederick?,” she asked.  Her tone was neutral and composed.  Unhurried and professional. 

Apparently startled by this frank and no-nonsense opening to their meeting, frederick appeared to blush hotly and made some kind of stammering, “ummm…well…” response.  But then, gathering himself somewhat, he replied, “Well, Madam Alice, I was actually referred to you by a friend who suggested I might benefit from meeting with you.”

“Is that so?”, Madam Alice inquired, her voice conveying both amusement and cool detachment.  “I see.  Well then, please tell me about this “friend” of yours and why they suggested you should come see me.”

“Ummm…well…you see, Madam Alice, this friend of mine is a psychologist and I have known her for a very long time”, frederick began.

“Oh, Madam Alice injected, this “friend” of yours is a woman?”

“Ummm…well…yes, Madam Alice.”

“And this psychologist woman friend of yours suggested that you come see me, is that it?  Tell me, please, was this woman a “romantic” friend of yours or a “professional” friend of yours?  Was she treating you in her professional capacity?”

This quick barrage of questions caused frederick to squirm a little in his awkward perch on the hard stool.  In addition, his previously flushed face deepened and his ears flamed a bright red now, too.

“Oh…no, no, Madam Alice.  Not romantic, I mean, she was not my girlfriend or anything like that, no.”

“Well then,” Madam Alice said, “were you seeing her professionally, this woman psychologist “friend” of yours?

“Ummm…well…kinda,” frederick stammered.  “In a manner of speaking, I suppose.”

“In a manner of speaking, frederick?” Inquired Madam Alice.  “Just what exactly does that mean?  Were you a patient of this “friend” then?”

“Not really,” he replied.  “More like a client, I guess you might say.”

“OK, frederick, let me get this straight now.  You have a friend, a woman.  She is a clinical psychologist.  She was not your girlfriend.  You were not her patient.  Yet you were a client of this…”friend”, as you call her?”

Appraising frederick now with a very stern gaze, Madam Alice said, this time with a distinct note of expectation in her voice…”Let me ask you again, frederick.  And I want a straight answer.  No more of this meandering bullshit of yours.  Why are you here today?”

frederick was shocked by the mild profanity coming from this petite and professional lady.  He was also quite taken aback by the authoritative tone of confident expectation with which she re-posed her original question.

“Well, frederick,” she intoned briskly, “Are you going to make me repeat myself again, or are you going to answer my question?”

The change from calm and composed demeanor to her new posture of authoritative expectation made frederick squirm uncomfortably on the hard stool.  But he knew from the turn the conversation had taken that he better answer or the whole interview would quickly become unbearably awkward.

“Ummm…you see, Madam Alice, my friend…”

“Excuse me, frederick, just what is this “friend’s” name that you seem so determined to talk about?”, Madam Alice interrupted.

“I know Her only as my Miss, Madam Alice”, frederick quickly replied.  “She suggested that I come here to speak with you about a little problem I have…”

“Very good, frederick, now we are finally getting a little somewhere”, Madam Alice replied.  Somehow, Madam Alice had taken complete control of the conversation.  Her small compliment made frederick feel like a little school boy, sitting there on his dunce stool, seeking approval from a stern teacher.  Madam Alice gave an amused smile from behind her large, imposing desk as she looked knowingly at her uncomfortable visitor on his hard stool.

“But let’s go back a little bit now, frederick”, she said.  “You stated that your Miss was not treating you as a patient.  Yet you also said that you were her client.  I want you to explain this to me.  Now.  In precisely what way were you her client?”

Squirming visibly now, on his little perch, frederick nonetheless began, “Well, you see, Madam Alice, that’s, I guess, what I came here to talk to you about.  It’s embarrassing though and,…ummm…well…might be a little shocking to someone like you.”

“That’s OK, frederick”, Madam Alice replied gently.  Anything you say to me will be held in strictest professional confidence.  Also, you would be surprised at the things I hear in this office.  I doubt you will be able to shock me with whatever you may have to say.”  Then, with the frosty tone returning to her voice, Madam Alice said, “Now tell me why you are here today, frederick.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” frederick said quickly, knowing that he could delay no longer and noticing the deference that had come into his own voice when he called her “Ma’am” for the first time.  He wondered how he had been made to feel so meek by this woman, but figured it was because he always seemed to feel that way towards authoritative women.  Especially when his Miss was part of the conversation.

Steeling his courage in order to summon the ability to reveal his naughty secret to this woman he had just met, frederick almost blurted it out insensibly.  Such was his rush now to get it over with.

“Miss told me to come talk to you about myneedfordisciplineandwhyihave not done anythingaboutituntil recently.”

“Whoa, whoa, slow down there, boy”, Madam Alice said, holding up both hands in a gentle stopping gesture.  “Slow down.”  Then she continued, “Now that was not so hard, was it, frederick?  Now I want you to calm down and repeat what you just said.  Slowly and clearly and articulating each word.  This is very important frederick so please follow my instructions closely.  In fact, you would do well to follow ALL of my instructions very closely from now on, do you understand?”

frederick slowly nodded his head as he suddenly felt a distinct change in the tenor of this conversation.

“You will answer my questions verbally from now on, frederick.  No more nods or gestures.  I will let that one slip as you do not yet know my rules.  But now, repeat for me what you just said a moment ago.  And remember to speak slowly and clearly.”

“Yes, Ma’am”, frederick replied, feeling deep apprehension now at Madam Alice’s words and tone.

“I said, my Miss told me to come talk to you about my need for discipline and about why I have not done anything about until recently.”

“Good boy, frederick”, Madam Alice said sweetly.  Now we have the proper basis for further discussion, don’t we?”

“Ummm…well…yes, I guess so, Madam Alice”, frederick answered faintly.

“However, frederick, I can’t imagine why you might think I would be shocked to hear such a thing, Madam Alice replied.  Didn’t you see my door when you came in here?  What did it say on the door?”

Feeling as though here he might be on solid ground, as he had looked at her door for several long moments while torn between knocking and leaving, frederick replied confidently.  “It says, Madam Alice Kane – Behavioral Therapist.”

“Exactly, frederick.  And just why do you think I chose the pseudonym “Kane” and just what do you think being a “Behavioral Therapist” might entail?”, she asked.

With foolish temerity, starting to feel a bit cocky again after his correct answer to the previous question, frederick replied, “Well I have no idea why your ummmm… pseudonym… is “Kane”, Madam Alice.  But I figured a Behavioral Therapist was some kind of counselor or something.  You know, a consultant kind of like some of your Miss’s other professional colleagues.  I mean, she did tell me to come to you about my…ummm…little problem, right?”

“Yes she did, frederick”, and with this Madam Alice slowly turned over the single sheet of paper she had previously withdrawn from the desk drawer.  frederick could not see what it contained from his silly perch on the wooden stool, but without looking down at the paper, Madam Alice began…

“The “Kane” part of name refers to a disciplinary cane, frederick.  As in, an implement used to cane the bare bottoms of naughty, recalcitrant males.  Do you get it, yet?  My role as behavioral therapist means I cane people like you, frederick.  I discipline boys like you.  I punish boys like you for bad attitudes and behaviors.  In short, frederick, I am a Professional Disciplinarian.  Didn’t your “friend”, Miss J inform you of this?.”

As Madam Alice spoke, frederick felt an unspeakable dread flood through his entire being.  Oh my God, he thought.  No!  It couldn’t be.  That’s why Miss had told him to come here?  Oh no!  She had mentioned that she felt he needed regular discipline and that she was concerned he needed to experience different styles.  But…but…she sent him to a Female Disciplinarian?  He was sent here to be pun…punished?  Oh God, he thought, no way!.  I don’t want to be disciplined today.  I don’t even know this woman!  Aggghhh!

With these and other apprehensive thoughts screaming inside his head, frederick almost missed what Madam Alice was now saying.  Something about the piece of paper on her desk??

“Yes, frederick, as you can clearly see from this note here, your Miss specifically requests that I punish you quite strictly today.  In order to teach you that it is your obligation to seek out discipline, especially when you are traveling and your Miss is unable to supervise and punish you…”

Yet frederick hardly heard what Madam Alice was saying.  His mind was howling…had his Miss sent this Woman a note?  A note about punishing me?  Oh, no.  This can NOT be happening.  I won’t let it happen.  I’ll just get up and leave right now.  What’s to stop me?  This petite little woman?  Hardly!  That’s it, I just get up and leave.  No way am I going to be punished by this woman.

As these thoughts of escape swirled through his little brain, frederick suddenly re-focused on what Madam Alice was saying to him…

“…The inner door to my office is a very solid security door complete with biometric security features and can only be opened from within using my thumbprint and that retinal scanner you see there, frederick.  So unless you are the kind of boy who is going to be violent and psychotic and try to push my hand and eyeball up against the scanners, you will not be going anywhere until I am done with you… your Miss assured me in her note that you are not that kind of boy.  Are you, frederick, are you that kind of boy?”

OMG, thought frederick.  How in the heck did she know what I was thinking?  Retinal scanner, biometric security?  What in the hell had he gotten himself into?  OMG…I can’t escape.  This woman is going to punish me and there is nothing I can do about it…  OH, MISS…how could you?

But frederick knew very well his Miss could and had…She had always known how to get Her way with him.  Oh no!

As if deep in a cave, frederick heard Madam Alice saying, “Now stand up and remove your clothes, frederick.  That’s right, everything… your Miss specifically asked me to punish you in the nude and it suits my preference for a naughty boy like you, too.  So fold everything neatly and place your clothes and shoes in the foot locker over there by the wall.  While you are undressing, I will just fetch my implements from the punishment closet here…”

Implements?  Punish in the nude?  Punishment closet?  Oooooh…this is really happening, thought poor frederick.  What could he do?  He obviously was NOT the type to violently resist.  Certainly not with a petite, attractive young woman like Madam Alice.

“I would obey quickly now, frederick, unless you want it to go much harder on you than it already will”, Madam Alice was saying.

Dazed and intimidated by this dreadful turn of events and the inescapable predicament he now found himself in, frederick did finally realize that he had better do as Madam Alice instructed.  Resigning himself now to the inevitable and wanting to give a good account of himself lest poor report make it back to his Miss, frederick quickly stripped himself completely naked.  He neatly folded his clothes and placed them, along with his shoes, in the indicated foot locker.

Madam Alice, who had retrieved from her closet a well-worn leather strap, a hard wooden paddle and a slender, whippy rattan cane, arranged these items neatly on her large desk.  Then she pulled a key from a chain around her neck and very purposefully locked the foot locker containing all of frederick’s clothes.

Now completely stark naked, the beginnings of an utterly inappropriate erection making itself evident, frederick heard Madam Alice say with dreadful authority…”Now we can get started on your long overdue punishment, frederick.  Let’s just see how well you can behave for your new Female Disciplinarian.  We will begin by seeing to it that your impertinent little penis is shriveled back into compliant flaccidity.  Bend over that stool.  “Now!  You naughty boy, you!”


The sight of Madam Alice’s implements of discipline, combined with his utter nudity and Madam Alice’s calm but implacable manner seemed to fully pull the trigger that re-ignited frederick’s recently dormant submissive vulnerabilities.  So he responded with a respectful, “Yes Ma’am” and obediently draped himself over the stool, gripping the support braces on the far side.

frederick then gasped with surprise as he felt Madam Alice’s smooth warm hand gently caressing his vulnerable and exposed backside.  “Oooh…”, she cooed softly, her previous tone of command now unnecessary as She knew her authority had been firmly established and accepted.  “What a nice tight ass you have, frederick.  I am going to thoroughly enjoy administering your discipline, I can see.”

With a firm nudge of her high-heeled foot, Madam Alice pushed frederick’s legs apart.  This increased his exposure and, to his mortification, frederick felt his incipient erection stiffening into rampant rigidity.  frederick silently hoped that Madam Alice would not notice this helpless impertinence, but his hopes were quickly dashed.  With remarkable quickness and clinical efficiency, frederick felt a leather thong looped tightly about the base of his genitals.  “We will want to keep these well out of the way as you are punished, frederick.  Its your bottom I am going to be paying attention to and we would not want any sensitive things hurt or damaged by accident, now would we?”  Saying this in a conversational tone, as if she were putting away groceries or some such, Madam Alice then tied the other end of the thong off around one of the support struts of the punishment stool.

Now frederick was literally tied by the balls to the stool, bent over, with bare ass completely exposed and unable to move at all without running the risk of severe genital compromise.  And Madam Alice continued to talk about his predicament in such a casual, matter-of-fact way!  “You know, frederick, I have never had to worry about unauthorized erections during my discipline sessions, because I find that they tend to wilt quite quickly once I really get started.  But in your case, I thought a little restraint might be in order.  Because I can tell you find it really humiliating, don’t you?”

“Ha ha ha, yes I thought so”, she said, having walked around in front of frederick and crouched down to look him in the face, “your face is all red and blushing so sweetly.  I knew that would work.”

“Now let’s get started here.”  Madam Alice stood back up so all frederick could see were her slender legs and elegant high heeled feet.  Helplessly, his eyes watched them as Madam Alice walked around her new discipline subject, seeming to take in his naked predicament from all angles.



frederick gasped in surprise as Madam Alice spanked his bare ass hard.  One sharp slap to each buttock.

Of course, it was awful silly of him to be surprised.  Madam Alice had certainly made her intentions clear.  But he had been momentarily mesmerized by the sight of her sexy feet and shoes circling around his field of vision, so the stinging spanks had caught him off guard.





More sharp slaps assaulted his bottom cheeks, eliciting more gasps from bound frederick.  And then they continued in earnest.





frederick tried counting the spanks, but quickly gave up as the stinging heat in his ass intensified and Madam Alice’s hard hand continued to spank.  First one cheek, then the other.  Then twice on one side and three times on the other.  Mixing things up so that frederick never knew where the next blow would fall.  And every time he tried to squirm, frederick was painfully reminded that he was tethered to the stool by his genitals.  He could not possibly escape or evade any of the sharp, increasingly hard spanks from Madam Alice’s apparently tireless hand.

But after a few minutes of vigorous hand spanking, frederick again felt Madam Alice’s smooth hand gently caressing his now hot, stinging bottom.  “There we go, frederick,” she said.  “You appear to be nicely warmed up and your bottom has a nice pink glow to it.  Now we can move on to the more punishing aspects of your discipline.  My favorite part!”

Then, with a quick twist of her hand, frederick felt the leather thong binding his genitals to the punishment stool, release the tight grip on his balls.  “You can stand up now, frederick.  I don’t think your impertinent little penis will be giving us any more trouble.  My hard wooden paddle will see to that in just a moment here.”

frederick, of course, was happy to be released from his genital bondage.  But he felt a tightness to the flesh of his well spanked bottom as he stood.  Madam Alice, however, gave him little time to contemplate her ominous reference to the wooden paddle.  Instead, she instructed him to turn around and approach her desk.  As frederick moved to obey her – now fully into his submissive demeanor – Madam Alice walked behind her desk and resumed her seat in her comfortable office chair.  frederick was left standing completely naked in front of her desk, keenly aware of his nudity before this elegantly attired lady and feeling the effect of her spanking on his glowing bottom.

“Hands at your side, frederick.  There will be NO rubbing of your bottom, or you will earn penalty swats for disobedience.”

“Yes Ma’am,” he replied, realizing that Madam Alice was fully aware of how his enforced nudity in her presence reinforced his need for submissive obedience.

“Now, frederick, I want you to remain standing exactly where you are.  Put your legs about shoulder width apart and then lean forward towards me until your hands are on the front edge of my desk.”

As frederick did as he was instructed, Madam Alice leaned over her desk a little bit herself.  This brought the two eye to eye about three feet away from one another.  Between them, on Madam Alice’s desk, lay the dreaded implements.  The paddle, the strap and the cane.

“frederick,” Madam Alice began, “you remember that I have promised to discipline you quite strictly today.  You have neglected your need for discipline for too long and you need a very stiff reminder that this is not permissible for you.  Not any longer.  You will find that I take my role as Female Disciplinarian very seriously, even though it does give me gleeful pleasure when men such as yourself report to me.  So…unfortunately for you, we will be using all three of these implements you see before you here.  By the time I have finished with you, you will not…NOT neglect to report to me, or any other woman of his Miss’s choosing, for discipline on a regular basis.  Will you, frederick?”

Somehow, despite the twisted logic of using strict discipline to make him remember to seek such discipline regularly, Madam Alice’s words made a dreadful sort of perfect sense to poor frederick’s mind.  So he could not, even if he wanted to, avoid responding with a respectful “Yes Ma’am, Madam Alice.  I understand.”

“Excellent, frederick.  Somehow I knew even before you arrived that you would make an excellent subject for my special brand of Behavioral Consulting…Ha ha ha!”

With that, Madam Alice pushed back in her chair.  She picked up the hard wooden paddle, slapped it in her palm a couple of times, making frederick wince at fleshy smacking sound and she walked around the desk to stand next to him.

“Now then, frederick, she asked, just how many swats of this paddle do you think you deserve?”

“Oh, no!,” thought frederick, what a horrible question to ask!  frederick instantly realized the terrible predicament Madam Alice had put him in what that awful question.  He knew that if he picked a number too low, she would likely respond by sentencing him to a much higher number of swats than she already had in mind.  Yet if he picked a high number, he would surely get every last one of them regardless of Madam Alice’s initial intentions.  Why oh why did he somehow manage to get himself into such situations?  Couldn’t he just be like other men and not find himself under this kind of strict Feminine Authority time after time?

But frederick knew the answer.  He never wanted to be disciplined like this.  But for some reason, he just could not help it.  He felt helplessly enthralled by smart, sexy, assertive women and had known for a long time that such women could easily assert a disciplinary role over him if they had a mind to.  Which Madam Alice obviously did.

So, with deep trepidation and anxiety over what he knew was coming, frederick replied, “Ummm…I guess I probably deserve 25 swats, Madam Alice.  Especially if I am going to be strapped and caned as well…”

“Ha Ha,” Madam Alice quipped, “well you are going to be strapped and caned, frederick.  But 25?  Did I not just tell you how I had to be very strict with you today?  To make up for lost opportunities and disciplinary encounters?  You will be getting 50 with the paddle, frederick.  And the final 10 will be very hard to teach you the consequences of trying to cheat on your disciplinary obligations.  Understood?”

“Aaah…I love a naughty boy who tries to cheat…”

“Ker-Acck!” – The paddle landed across both his buttocks with a fiery sting.

“Ker-Acck!”       “Ker-Acck!”       “Ker-Acck!”       “Ker-Acck!”       “Ker-Acck!”       “Ker-Acck!”

Again and again the paddle swatted across his butt cheeks, causing frederick to wince and squirm with each hard swat.  Madam Alice was definitely getting her message across and frederick was really regretting his susceptibility to her Feminine Authority.  His ass was now on fire!

“Ker-Acck!”       “Ker-Acck!”       “Ker-Acck!

The swats were administered with clock-work regularity.  No sooner had frederick gasped his shock of pain from one swat, when the next one fell smartly across his poor bottom.  Madam Alice worked up and down the canvas of his buttocks.  Swatting high, paddling low and making sure every inch of his ass felt the full stinging punishment of her paddle.

“Ker-Acck!”       “Ker-Acck!”       “Ker-Acck!”       “Ker-Acck!”       “Ker-Acck!”

A pause.  Madam Alice rubbed a hand across his flaming ass.  “How many was that, frederick?”, she asked softly, her mouth so close to his ear he could feel the whisper of her breath.  You are keeping track, aren’t you?  We would not want to give you too many by mistake…hahaha,” she chuckled.

“But OMG!,” Thought frederick.  She did not ask me to count the swats.  But he knew he dare not say this to Madam Alice.  So he desperately tried to count backwards from the last swat to see if he could remember.  His ass surely remembered, the hot sting was telling him.

After several tense moments, frederick said, “that was 15, I think, Madam Alice.”

“Very good, frederick,” she chortled, “I was afraid you might get it wrong and I would have to start back at the beginning.”

“Actually, I was kind of hoping you would forget to keep track.  You have a very nice bottom for paddling and I would not mind in the least if we had to start over.  But alas, you got it right frederick.  So we shall continue.”

Continue she did, with swat after hard swat until the count reached 40, with frederick making very sure now that he was silently counting each increasingly ouchy blow.

Now for the final 10, frederick.  These will be hard ones, remember.  But you are NOT to move from your position.  If your hands leave the edge of my desk, there will be additional penalty strokes.  And I looovve penalty swats, so you would be well advised to avoid them.

Having said that, Madam Alice administered the 1st of the final ten.  A very hard swat that caused the previous “Ker-Accks!” to be fondly remembered as almost endurable.  frederick’s bare bottom stung so badly his body responded before he could think.  His hands almost imperceptibly lifted from the edge of the desk before frederick caught himself and immediately grabbed the desk again.

But too late!  Madam Alice had probably intended it and she certainly did not miss it.

“I saw that, frederick.  You let go of the desk.  What did I tell you about that?

“Ummm…that means penalty swats, Madam Alice.  I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.”

“Well…it was a first offense, frederick.  So that means only two penalty swats.  But let me warn you, penalties increase for further infractions.  Do you understand, frederick?”

“Yes Ma’am, Madam Alice.  I am sorry.  It won’t happen again.”

Steeling himself now, frederick somehow endured the next nine swats that crashed into his poor bare bottom.  Each stroke set his ass on fire anew under the blistering kisses of Madam Alice’s expertly wielded wooden paddle.  But he did not let go of the desk again.

“Very good, frederick,” Madam Alice said with an audible sigh of apparent disappointment, “You have limited me to only two penalty swats.”

“Here you go…”

Ka-SMACK!                              Ka-SMACK!

The two extra strokes of penalty punishment almost caused frederick to once again let go of the desk.  But by leaning all his weight into it, he managed to absorb the strict and gleefully administered penalty strokes without further misconduct.

“Well done, frederick,” Madam Alice said soothingly.  She laid the paddle on the desk, next to the strap and the cane.  Then, after several gentle caresses to frederick’s now brightly glowing buttocks, she resumed her seat at her desk.

“frederick,” she intoned, “I want you to go stand in that corner over there.  Place your hands on your head and put your nose in the corner until I tell you otherwise.”  Her voice was calm and gentle, but by this point there was no question that immediate obedience was compulsory.  frederick certainly did not wish to give Madam Alice any opportunity to administer additional “penalty strokes” of that wicked hard paddle.  That was for sure.  So although his face blushed to match his bottom at this imposition of humiliating “Corner Time”, he quickly moved to comply with Madam Alice’s instructions.

“That’s a good boy, frederick,” Madam Alice chuckled.  “I see you learn quickly.  Gosh though, your bottom sure is glowing bright red now.  It was very hot to the touch, too.  But I noticed your penis is no longer behaving so arrogantly, now is it?”

“No Ma’am, Madam Alice,” frederick replied softly, feeling further humiliation course through his body at this casual reference to his reduced masculinity.

“You will stand in the corner for 10 minutes while I catch up on some email, frederick.  I like my subjects to experience a little bit of “display time” during their discipline so they can quietly reflect on why they are here. Then we will move on to the rest of your punishment.  We still have the strap and the cane, remember?  Madam Alice’s voice was filled with mirth as she reminded frederick of what she still intended for him.  His face was flush with embarrassment, his thoroughly paddled ass was on bright red display and he was standing naked in the corner of this woman’s well-appointed and elegant office space.

He could not help but wonder then, why he felt an odd inner comfort, even though he knew a very strict strapping and a caning that was sure to be very painful awaited him in a very short time.  He could only suppose that this was the reason he had always felt compelled to seek out an uncompromising Female Disciplinarian such as Madam Alice Kane.  Because despite the pain and humiliation of the strict nude discipline, the results made him feel at peace.  His slate of guilty misbehaviors wiped miraculously clean.

He did not look forward to the rest of his punishment.  But he knew he would endure and that he would sincerely thank Madam Kane afterward for the privilege of her strict attentions.  He also knew that he would ask Madam Kane to please take a picture of his thoroughly punished bottom so it could be emailed to his Miss.  For She would have to be thanked for so thoughtfully arranging his discipline session with Madam Alice.  Also, his Miss would surely want pictorial proof that frederick had reported as instructed and that Madam Alice had been good to her promise to be very strict with him as well.  <sigh>!!

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