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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Goodbye for now, princess

So Unkey has gone away. He and Master decided that was best. Unkey has some STUFF in his life he needs to WORK on.  We are hoping he gets it figured OUT so he can come back and we can try AGAIN.

I don’t know, princess.  That’s some tough stuff he’s got.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he found someone else to keep him company and somehow didn’t get around to the hard, scary parts. People do that sometimes. you should let yourself be sad Unkey is gone, cuz this was goodbye. We did have a nice goodbye, though, the four of us. It was wonderful of Unkey to give us that gift.

But he LIKES us, he isn’t REALLY gonna just disappear, is he? (*lower lip trembling*)

*wrapping arms around and holding her snug* Well, princess, yes, he does like us, but he also knows we need to be able to rely on him . We need him to be able to manage his feels, and not disappear or take them out on us. That’s hard for him right now. Yes, we really care about Unkey but Unkey needs some help that we just can’t give. We’ve shared all our special tools with him, but until he decides to use them, he’s gonna struggle. And while he’s struggling, Unkey cannot take care of us cuz he needs to take care of himself more. But we’re ok. We are sad but we are OK.

Yes, we ARE!  Cuz now I can TALK to you and you can HEAR ME!

Yes, I certainly can, princess. *laughing* Loud and clear.


And I’m taking you to work with Me, and giving you some
fun things to play with sometimes, and some nice cuddly new clothes and boots for winter so your feeties aren’t cold. And I’m working hard to keep you properly fed and not too hungry when I get busy. Master is working hard to take care of the princess.


Yes, honey?

I think you’re doing a GOOD job. REALLY.

Aaawww. Thank you, honey. That means a lot to Me. I try.

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