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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Dungeon New Year’s Eve

I spent a good swath of yesterday wrestling with the internet, registration/payment processes (damn you, conflicting cookies!) so I could listen to 3 hours of online webinars that had to be done by midnight. They turned out better than expected and the last one gave Me ideas for a kind of work I’d only dimly considered before. So I decided Princess had earned a reward and registered us for last night’s New Year’s event at the dungeon.

The DJ was predictably too loud and the food was not what you might wish for, but we were OUT AND ABOUT and that’s what mattered.  There were intermittently people being spotlighted doing notable stuff, I had missed the burlesque but caught the naked chubby man dancing like nobody’s watching, plus intermittent people pole dancing, and a guy doing liquid nitrogen play, including hitting someone with a deep frozen rose that shatters on impact. Great party trick. Saw a few friends and generally just hung about feeling slightly at loose ends and despite Myself, picturing My recent ex crossing My path.  I also got to participate in a human smores event and well, there’s just nothing that can improve a marshmallow toasted on someone’s flaming torso.

A group of friends, Lady M, her cute cross dressing hubby J, another top I’ve known a long time S, and a girl who is friends of the couple had a scene planned.  M and S planned to suspend J and girl from a support beam using pallet wrap.  I’ve seen a scene like this before, it’s not for beginners. S seemed to have the technical skills, Lady M seems to have conceived the idea and contributed the bodies and supplies and Her labor. I love them all, and went to J’s birthday party at their house this year. Lady M sent an envoy across the dungeon inviting Me to come over and watch the scene. She even kindly put a folded blanket on the metal folding chair so My back would be more comfortable during the long scene. 

Lady M’s partner was dressed to kill as his alter ego female side, and wearing a well boned corset. The girl being suspended was considerable shorter and more slight. I watched S and M (heeheehee), wrap them with a commercial roll of pallet wrap from chest to knee, put them standing on chairs, then wrap the support truss, and wrap the two people facing each other, then wrap diagnonally from truss top to opposite thigh and around the body. This happened many times and I was satisfied they were doing a good job with the enginnering and construction.

Admittedly I am a Safety Domme, so of course as I watched the scene I saw a few thinga that made a worst case scenario movie play in My mind’s eye. I offered some suggestions to Lady M who agreed and implemented them, and with her permission I stepped into the scene as a spotter, and stood where a slightly surprised S directed. It was so loud and there was so much happening that he didn’t realize Lady M had agreed; he seemed just a smidge miffed but it was ok. So I lent a hand where asked, stood ready to pounce in case the pair being suspended should flip backward, etc.   When the chairs were taken away, I helped get the safety mat under them quickly. When the rig had stretched enough their feet could almost touch the floor, their feet were bound up, so I suggested an extra mat was needed to protect their kneecaps from the concrete in the event of a sudden failure. Once they were rigged up, I participated in some whacky-whacky pokey-pokey fun as they gently swung suspended. It was cool and interesting enough that for a while we had the dungeon spotlight trained on us. They were up a long time so I stuck close but eventually turned My attention to the advanced rope scene next to us. 

When I looked back through the screen of wanderers a bit later, I realized they had just cut down the rig and J was sitting limply on the mat. I popped over to find him of course altered, but not feeling great. He had coded due to sudden sharp pain (possibly a corset stay digging due to the pressure of the pallet wrap), so they had cut it down and now he was overheating.

To be clear, this is a 40 year old man, very energetic and fit, maybe 6’2”, wearing a hot pink wig, tights, double layer skirt, and corset. And he looked great, for the record. I didn’t know it yet but he was actually wearing TWO corsets on top of each other. And he had been encased in plastic wrap for an hour.  No wonder he was hot. The common tool in these situations is to grab cans and bottles of cold water and soda from the bar; they had one on his neck but it wasn’t helping fast enough and he was really in some distress.  Removing his outfit was obviously a last resort and really up to Lady M to decide. So I told him to spread his legs and I stuck an icy bottle of water firmly
against his taint. Then I got an icy bottle on his sternum, pulled off his socks, and rubbed another icy bottle on his feet and ankles. S happened to be there at the moment a bit concerned and attentive, saw what I was doing, smiled just a little and said:  “Not Your first rodeo”.  Then apparently comfortable all was reasonably ok now, he turned his attention to other matters.  In time, J turned the corner and began shivering. We got a blanket on him and Lady M and I agreed that I’d take over the rest of aftercare so that She could wrangle taking down the rig and freeing the equipment. So the girl and I slightly carried a wobbly J to the social area, and cuddled him on the big poof cushion, one on each side, which he shivered and twitched and snuggled. Not exactly hardship duty though it was a bit chilly by the exterior door. And there we still were when the 5 minute warning was made. We got J up, and got a glass of champagne or cider in everyone’s hands, and toasted the New Year with a balloon drop (Princess HAD to stomp ONE of them).

With the scene over, I hung a bit longer, as Lady M told Me of another scene she might want a hand with. Then instead she handed me a nice young man who she felt was a good match, and we negotiated a thuddy scene. It was getting late and neither of us had thuddy toys adequate to his needs, plus he was having some reflux that interfered a bit, but we improvised. He got hit with. A roll of saran wrap in box, knotted hanks of rope, handles of wimpy floggers; elbows, fists; and oh year, he really liked being hit with the silicone dildo wrapped in a knitted Christmas stocking.  J popped over at one point to lend some toys. It was not a great scene but it was solid under the challenging circumstances, and I was gratified that as we did aftercare, he expressed thanks and said it was exactly what he had needed.

We parted happily and it was off to home in the thick fog.  When I recounted the evening to Unkey, he commented that it was a wild night. Funny, to Me it didn’t seem wild, it was just a night at the dungeon. I’ve missed it, I need to go there more and get back into the swing of pickup play. It’s fun, it’s exercise, it’s energy and movement, it’s social, it’s what I enjoy.

Princess says:  That’s RIGHT!

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