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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Princess May Days


No, honey, a few more weeks.


Soon, honey. We can start packing now though. Here. Here’s a big bag, anytime you see something we want at camp, you just put it in there, ok?

Aw-RIGHT!  i can DO that! Lessee. i’m gonna put my pencils and coloring books (*thud, crash*) and my fuzzy blanket and Your pretty linen blanket (*fabric flying across the room*) and the blue BUDGIE cuz it gets chilly at night (*closet door torn open*) and can we order 300 GLO STIX and can You make me a LIGHT UP TUTU?!... (*here’s your phone can you do that NOOOOOOOWWWW?!?!*) and... and...

Princess is hyperventilating and lighting up the room grinning from ear to ear.

she got to go to a Littles event two weekends ago. We just sat and colored through a discussion group that was a little scary cuz someone talked more about their deep dark personal abuse history more than we were maybe COMFORTABLE with. And we saw a few people we knew and made some new friends. It wasn’t exactly our scene but it was fun to share our nice colored PENCILS and show people what we MADE. We learned that our sadism is not limited to top/Dom/Master space cuz Princess REALLY wished she had a nerf gun so she could SHOOT the puppies and the furries in the nuts. *giant GRIN* We aren’t sure but maybe there’s more to her than just being an Angel.  And we ate fun decorated mini cupcakes, too many, but Master made an exception.

And we saw another Master we know and well, that was just a little WEIRD and kinda EMBARASSING, but he gave us a hug and asked our name today, and his slave was very nice too and told him we were there right away so he wasn’t TOO shocked. And it WAS a nice big long hug.  He felt better when Master said that Princess is just one more thing for Master to manage. 

And it’s TRUE. Cuz Princess is a HANDful. Yes, she is.

And Princess has a PLAY date lined up for camp already, maybe even TWO. And Princess might have a new friend named J.  We met him onLINE then at a MUNCH (*om nom nom*) then at a party and then we had a long very chatty dinner and he took it slow, he seems to LISTEN to us and he’s being CAREFUL. That’s all very GOOD and Master approves though the General is a little suspicious and being very wait-and-see. So hopefully we will get to play with him in about two weeks and maybe that’s part of why Princess is so EXCITABLE right now.

Plus Master has been working hard on Princess stuff in Her new therapy. She had some really big old E-motions come up. It’s not easy but it’s GOOD.  We understand more about Princesses almost every DAY, and it might be getting EASIER for Master, just a LITTLE.

And Princess FINALLY got her BICYCLE! It took a long time but for the first time in almost 10 years since the accident WE CAN RIDE THE BIKE!  Only for a few minutes cuz our BACK isn’t so sure yet, but we are WORKING on it and we are not gonna give UP!  Cuz we love to FLY on our BIKE.  It’s a Performance PeeWee bike now, we sit up all STRAIGHT like they do in Europe cuz then our NECK doesn’t hurt too much. But our BUTT doesn’t like it a lot but we don’t CARE.

And the bike well it might need something PINK or SPARKLEY or BOTH. That’s under discussion with Master though.  Princess thinks you can NEVER have too much pink.  Master thinks it might be POSSIBLE.

So we are very HAPPY cuz we have a bike and a patio and long hotshowers and a fuzzy blanket and camp and we might get to PLAY and it’s summer and we went to Sheep-And-Wool and got a pretty purse and a pink top and we can SWIM and well, we just don’t know how we ever got along without a PRINCESS.  We musta never had any FUN before at ALL.

That’s RIGHT!!!!!!  

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